Rapid Screening and Scaled Manufacture of Immunogenic Virus-Like Particles

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Virus-Like Particles (VLPs) are a very promising alternative to traditional vaccine platforms. VLPs trigger strong and lasting humoral and cellular immune responses in humans, with fewer safety concerns and higher stability than other platforms such as inactivated viruses and RNA vaccines.

Here, Jorge Armero Gimenez presents the successful expression and assembly of high-quality Hepatitis B core (HBc) carrier VLPs using a high-yield cell-free protein synthesis system. Further, he demonstrates VLP immunogenicity in human dendritic cells and shares data on a scaled CFPS reaction to 1 litre in simple batch mode.

During this talk we discuss:

  • Expression and assembly of high-quality HBc carrier VLPs
  • VLP immunogenicity in human dendritic cells

Speaker Information:

Jorge Armero Gimenez
Doctoral Student
Wageningen University & Research

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