Scaling Non-Viral Cell Therapy Approaches for Solid Tumor Treatments


Hear from today’s cell therapy manufacturing leaders about scaling non-viral cell therapy approaches for solid tumor treatments and what that means for your manufacturing process.

In this webinar, speakers from PACT Pharma Inc. and Thermo Fisher Scientific discuss how modular instrumentation platforms can enable automation and standardization of the end-to-end manufacturing workflow, from cell isolation and activation to genetic modification and expansion.

Watch now to learn more about:

  • Scaling and automating the cell therapy manufacturing process
  • The safety and regulatory advantages of non-viral transfection for cell therapy 
  • A highly efficient non-viral precision genome engineering process to manufacture personalized cell therapies for solid tumors

Speaker Information:


Nektaria Andronikou 

Senior R&D Manager 



Kyle Jacoby, Ph.D.

Senior Director of Gene Editing 


Evan Zynda, Ph.D.

Senior Staff Scientist, Cell Biology

Watch this webinar to:

  • Understand the benefits of affinity chromatography in AAV production
  • Learn about viral clearance and how affinity chromatography resins can contribute to the overall viral clearance in AAV manufacturing

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