Sequencing the Logic of Neuronal Projections

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Functional circuits are composed of myriad of neurons diverse in gene expression and connectivity. Investigating the relationship between gene expression and long-range projections is important for understanding the complex organization of circuits.

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Webinar Summary

Neuronal circuits in the brain consist of a huge range of cell types diverse in their gene expression and connectivity. Investigating how these two factors are related is important for understanding the complex organization of these circuits.

However, current technology based on optical imaging is limited in the throughput at which long-range projections can be mapped and associated with gene expression at cellular resolution.

In this webinar, Xiaoyin Chen, postdoctoral fellow in the Zador Lab at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, will outline his team’s influential developments in high-throughput DNA sequencing technology. Their techniques, MAPseq and BARseq, have revolutionized our ability to map long-range projections at cellular resolution through the sequencing of RNA barcodes.

Xioayin will explain how his team innovated these techniques and will detail insights gained into how projections are related to properties including spatial organization, gene expression, genetic labelling and neuronal activity.

Xioayin will show how the unparalleled throughput of barcoding-based neuroanatomical techniques provides a path to systematically unravel the molecular logic of neuronal projections.

By attending this webinar, you will learn:

  • How barcoding-based neuroanatomical techniques offer cellular resolution and high throughput that is unparalleled by conventional imaging-based techniques
  • How in situ sequencing allows barcoding-based neuroanatomy to be combined with other neuronal properties
  • How these techniques can give us new insight into neuronal circuit structure and function

Speaker Information:

Xiaoyin Chen
Postdoctoral Fellow
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


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