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Shotgun Proteomics for Unbiased Quantification

Shotgun proteomics has the capacity to deliver in-depth information on the identification, the relative amount, and the modification patterns of ever larger fraction of the proteins present in a sample. This has made it an essential approach in most biological research areas. The recent introduction of Parallel Accumulation and SErial Fragmentation (PASEF) technology and the corresponding development of 4D-Proteomics™ approaches has really boosted the potential of these techniques by eliminating the usual need to compromise selectivity or sensitivity for throughput and robustness, by simultaneously improving all these parameters.

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  • Measure over 7000 proteins in a 70 min LC separation
  • Deliver high identification and quantification rates
  • Offer increased speed and depth of coverage


Download this infographic to discover:

  • Major milestones in the field of cancer immunology
  • Various types of immunotherapy
  • The potential of mRNA technology in this space

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