Solid Phase Extraction Cleanup for Analysis of 11 Regulated Mycotoxins



Mycotoxins are toxic compounds that are naturally produced by certain types of molds. These molds can grow on foodstuffs such as cereals, either before or after harvest. This application note looks at clean-up of cereals and sunflower seeds prior to the analysis of 11 regulated mycotoxins by LC-MS/MS.

With hundreds of mycotoxins currently identified, many of these are actively monitored to avoid the potential harm they could pose to human health. However, the varying physiochemical properties of the different sample matrices that are routinely analyzed can present analytical challenges.

Download this application note to learn how AFFINIMIP® SPE Multimyco LC-MS/MS can offer:

  • Fast and effective clean-up of samples
  • High yields of mycotoxins
  • Simplicity in the clean-up process