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Webinar Summary

Lateral flow immunoassays are rapid, convenient tests used to detect target analytes, such as macromolecules and proteins, in liquid samples. A successful lateral flow assay depends on a series of reactions therefore it is vital that the best materials are selected and remain obtainable.

Selecting a supplier who can meet all of your needs is essential to ensuring a long-term stable supply of product, whilst also protecting yourself from having to revisit development stages of the product lifecycle later on.

Join this webinar to:
  • Explore tips on lateral flow assay troubleshooting
  • Understand the crucial aspects you need to consider during this selection process
  • Hear first-hand, a case study of what’s involved when switching supplier

Speaker Information:

Dr. Klaus Hochleitner
Dr. Klaus Hochleitner
Global Lead Technical Product Specialist
GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Brendan O'Farrell
Brendan O'Farrell, Ph.D
DCN Diagnostics