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The Scientific Observer Issue 20


This month, The Scientific Observer features a conversation with Professor David Goodsell. Structural biologist-turned-molecular artist, Goodsell is a renowned figure in the SciArt space, where his work is widely appreciated for transforming both our understanding and appreciation of molecular biology.

We also confront recent controversy within the scientific community in our op-ed section, ask #SciTwitter where it's migrating to and celebrate International Day of LGBTQIA+ People in STEM 2022.

Whatever your preferred way of digesting science, The Scientific Observer offers something for everyone.

Featured in issue 20 of The Scientific Observer:

  • Egg on Our Face: Another Asilomar Moment?
  • Molecular Science and Art With Professor David Goodsell
  • International Day of LGBTQIA+ People in STEM 2022
  • And much more!

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