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Webinar Summary

Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN) were one of the first digital investments made by the scientific R&D community and with good reason. They have become the primary means for capturing, analyzing, and annotating experimental data. They are the connectivity linchpin across your labs - from accessing valuable external data to capturing ideas from with your own teams.

This webinar will define the essential functional requirements of your ELN, as well as set expectations towards measurable time savings and productivity gains. We’ll also take your questions to help guide you to bring new ELN best practices into your lab.

Key Learning Objectives:
  • Which type of ELN best meets your requirements
  • What to expect in terms of personal productivity gains
  • How will an ELN improve my workflow
  • What your next steps should be

Speaker Information:

Jinsoo Kim, Ph.D
Jinsoo Kim, Ph.D
Field Application Specialist
Perkin Elmer

Michelle Laussen, M.A
Michelle Laussen, M.A
Global Marketing Manager
Perkin Elmer