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Webinar Summary

Often overlooked but critically important for the optimization of hemp and cannabis grows alike, soil analysis is a critical tool in the modern cultivator’s toolbox. As markets mature understanding the fundamental role that soil plays as a growth medium is of great value. Adopting robust soil sampling and analysis protocols can only lead to benefits in both yield and, reducing and avoiding unwanted contamination.

In this presentation we’ll explore the role that healthy soil can play in raising healthy plants. Soil testing will be discussed as well as typical levels of nutrients, pH, total nitrates and typical contaminants. Best practices and strategies for soil sampling will also be discussed.

In this webinar we will be discussing:
  • Why soil is so important for healthy plants
  • Typical nutrient levels in soil
  • What role microorganisms play in healthy soil
  • Real world examples of the application of soil analysis

Speaker Information:

Stephen Goldman
Laboratory Director PhytaTech CO LLC