Unlocking the Power of Therapeutic Antibodies


Join us on a journey to the forefront of therapeutic antibody development.  

In this podcast, you'll gain insights into how scientists and specialists at Bio-Rad are revolutionizing the biopharmaceutical industry through their customized approach to antibody discovery.

Discover how the Pioneer Antibody Discovery platform is leading the development of exclusive, high-quality biologic candidates and providing unique advantages over commercially available discovery solutions.

Listen now to learn how you can benefit from:
  • A large and functionally diverse antibody library
  • Accelerated candidate selection
  • Exclusivity and ownership of antibody sequences

Speaker Information:



Katharina Reefschläger
Technical sales specialist


Tiffany Quinn
Custom Content Manager
Technology Networks


Electrophoresis is a universal technique for the separation and analysis of nucleic acids. But it doesn’t come without its challenges…  


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