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Webinar Series Summary

Data integrity continues to be a hot topic and is becoming one of the top reported global issues that regulated companies face. Join part 2 of our webinar series to discuss these issues and learn how to address the challenge of ensuring data compliance.

Part 2 - The Use of eWorkflow and Templates to Improve Efficiency and Compliance - Broughton Laboratories

Wednesday 14 March 2018 - 9am EST/ 2pm GMT/ 3pm CET

Commercial laboratories operating in regulated industries continually face the challenge of maintaining efficiency and compliance. With goals of reducing errors, encouraging ‘right first time’, and preserving data integrity, it is important to source the right systems that facilitate these practices.

This webinar will demonstrate how Broughton Laboratories has used Chromeleon to maintain efficient and compliant processes that support their delivery of unrivalled customer service and will discuss:
  • The challenges a laboratory encounters
  • How to deliver improved efficiency through the use of eWorkflow
  • The review of custom variables and how to address new peaks
  • Leverage templates for compliance
  • The power of the audit trail for efficiency
If you missed part 1 of this webinar, you can still register to view this on-demand here.

Speaker Information:

Kate Harrison
Katie Harrison
Operations Services Manager,
Broughton Laboratories

Adam Neaves
Adam Neaves
Quality and Compliance Technical Specialist,
Broughton Laboratories